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Interstate Freight Rail Transport Services

CTI Interstate’s rail freight services provide efficient and reliable transportation solutions to move goods between Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We cater to a diverse client base, including industrial, mining, medical and consumer goods.

Our rail freight services include both express and general freight options. Rail freight offers numerous advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

To ensure the safety and security of goods during transit, we utilise purpose-built containers designed specifically for rail transportation. These enclosed containers protect the freight from external elements and ensure its integrity throughout the journey.

One of the key advantages of our services is our door-to-door capability. We understand that seamless logistics is crucial for businesses. We provide end-to-end solutions that pick up the freight from the origin and deliver it directly to the desired destination. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for multiple transfers and reduces the risk of damage or delays.

In addition to our door-to-door metropolitan service, we have a comprehensive network of regional carriers. This network enables us to extend our reach beyond the major cities, connecting regional locations. By partnering with trusted local carriers, we ensure that goods can be efficiently on-forwarded to even the most remote areas, facilitating nationwide distribution.

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Perth and Regional Western Australian Freight 

For freight transportation in Perth and Regional WA, please see our Regional Freight division.


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