CTI Logistics Interstate’s Commitment To Safety and Compliance


CTI Logistics Interstate has a “no compromise” approach to safety. Our commitment to our team members is that they go home safely every night. We have a dedicated team of safety professionals who work with our employees daily to ensure safety is at the forefront of every task we undertake.

At CTI Logistics Interstate, we don’t just report on incidents and hazards; we thoroughly investigate each incident to find the root cause to avoid a reoccurrence.

Our goal in safety is to strive for outcomes that exceed industry standards.

Chain Of Responsibility – CoR

CTI Logistics Interstate is committed to conducting our business in compliance with all relevant CoR laws and regulations. Our policies, procedures and systems are built around mitigating risk and ensuring road safety is not compromised.

Our commitment to CoR includes:

  • Employee Fatigue: Monitoring driving hours and scheduling rest breaks
  • Fitness for Duty: Daily pre-start declaration from drivers before shift commencement
  • Speeding: Reviewing system data, fleet scheduling, procedures and ongoing education
  • Load Restraint: Having the right equipment, ensuring all items are secured safely for transport
  • Mass Management: Ensure loads are evenly distributed and within the vehicle’s carrying capacity
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Ensuring all vehicles are correctly serviced and maintained
  • Training: CoR is an integral part of the employee induction process and ongoing training programs